Video is an essential consideration for ANY event. You might want to show testimonies from your clients or stakeholders, animations that explain things clearly, spreadsheets animated to drive home some facts or even get someone in on a video call to speak directly to a live audience. You can also relay your live stage presenters and their PowerPoints to the screens in your conference rooms or stage screens (IMAG – Image Magnification).

 Video for your events can be displayed on small projectors to show your PowerPoint, all the way up huge LED Video Walls, and everything in between. Tantrwm recently completed a great event at a London Hotel where we relayed to screens of all sizes in multiple rooms for a worthy event that was over-subscribed and had to utilise spill-out rooms. 

Tantrwm will understand your project and design a solution that works for you. Be that a couple of stage monitors and a projector to a high-end multi-image video wall. Talk to Andrew and find out what is possible – Holograms even!

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