LED Screens

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Have you used LED Screens? Do you know what they are? Tantrwm are experts in this technology. Andrew was ahead of his time and waiting for the tech to catch up with his ideas. Building LED matrixes for displays before blue or white LEDs had even been invented. We have deep knowledge and understanding of this technology.

Tantrwm stock a variety of LED screens, whether you need a weatherproof 15-meter square screen for your outdoor cinema or an indoor conference stand installation. We can make sure your content is seen! If you know what a P2 display is, then we can show you how we used one at Manchester Convention Centre for a client to blow away their competition? If you don’t know, the don’t worry. Andrew and Tom will help guide you through where, when, why and how you might deploy and implement this technology.

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, we can help you with portable and temporary displays, fixed digital signage, huge moving billboards, portableLED Screen Trailers, immersive space, art installations and a whole lot more. Paired with our silent disco headsets, you can create an immersive outdoor cinema experience without the hassle of noise restrictions!

This is an exciting technology that is revolutionising advertising, communication and film production.

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LED Screen Trailer

Tantrwm’s portable LED Screen trailer features a 15m2 P3.9 weatherproof screen. With its on-board 19KVa 3-Phase Silent generator, your event can run even when there is no power on site. 

Sporting (approx) 1,000,000 pixels over the screens 5 x 3m span and at its peak brights of 5500 Nits (pulling over 20amps per phase), you can be sure whatever is on your screen will be seen.

Its brightness ensures that no matter the time of day, or the angle of the sun, your audience will enjoy it.

Coupled with our outdoor sound system or silent disco headsets, Tantrwm can deliver a satisfying viewing experience, no matter the conditions.


Image of Outdoor cinema.

If your project requires a more specific design and layout for your project we can create custom screen sizes, plus the content to match them. 

We have a range of pixel pitches to suit your project, from indoor to outdoor weather rated, to P10 screens for billboards and viewing distances of at least 10m, down to P1.2 where your audience could be within a couple of feet of the screen. we’ll make sure you have everything you need to deliver your project.

Digital LED Video Walls

Image of Installation

Check out our installation for Imperial College Executive Education’s conference stand in Manchester.

Using P2, we built a 6 x 2m backdrop for them, with custom video content that played in the background on a 30 minute loop.

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