A Step-by-step Instruction Video for Fitters

Tantrwm was recently asked by our good friend...

…Craig H. of See Aitch Photography  (C what he’s done there!!) to produce a small series of instructional videos specifically directed at window fitters.

The aim is to guide the fitters to install a new range of ATLAS conservatories , illustrating the details of the assembly in a simple step by step guide, so that the reseller or fitter would be able to proceed with the new product’s installation ‘straight from the box’, without the need for any technical support or supervision from the manufacturer.

This, in turn, helps increase the total revenue from the product, due to the savings gained from not having to send out technicians to site to supervise and guide the building process.

Our challenge here was to produce a clear, concise set of video instructions, starting from a loose brief and without any prep budget. We had to precisely capture the minutiae of the conservatories’ assembly from as many angles as necessary, while being conscious of the fact that we needed to be as unobtrusive as possible while filming in a busy working environment (in situ at the manufacturer’s factory) during working hours, and without any rehearsals or the luxury of a studio set-up.

We delivered high quality video and shot all the footage in High Definition with multiple cameras, covering different angles at the same time. In this way we sped up the filming process, gave our editor more choice, and kept within budget – even though production value wasn’t one of the client’s key considerations.

From the assembled rough cut, the client then extrapolated a step by step voice-over script, which was superbly enacted and recorded at Tantrwm HQ by one of the client’s key sales executives, using his voice talent, which was then laid over the visuals to make this a very effective instruction tool.

Sales of the type of conservatories included the videos took off in a big way, making a very happy client, and a very happy Tantrwm! 🙂

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your organisation by using video.

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