COPA rebrand and website creation

The Brief

COPA is a charity run by older people for older people to have their voices heard at the national level by the Welsh Government and other public bodies. To help their cause they asked Tantrwm for a brand refresh and a new website that was better suited for today.

“..we want to thank Tantrwm for your excellent support and advice and in particular the way you have engaged with us. “

Steve Milsom - Chair of COPA
Our Approach

Following initial meetings with COPA to establish a creative direction for the new visual identity we researched existing organisations in a similar field to COPA to compare and contrast ideas. The team at COPA expressed that the welsh word “copa” meaning summit in English, be a contributing visual element to the new brand design. 

With the input and feedback from COPA we designed and developed ideas that not only adhered to their request for mountain summits to inspire the design but also reflect the core purpose of the charity and its mission – the heard voices of older people.


The logo is comprised of  speech bubbles orientated to look like mountains. The overlapping colours create a shade of green that has enough contrast to meet all accessibility requirements which was an important objective to get right for the COPA team.

Simple, clean graphics to look like mountains and waves were created  to complement the logo and for use across print and digital material. Artistic photographs of Welsh mountains were sourced and chosen to help illustrate their slogan “strive for the summit”


It was of paramount importance that the website was to be easy to navigate and the options for accessibility features to be toggled on and off as needed.

The brand shapes, colours and fonts were used to achieve this fully custom website that the team at COPA could update with their latest news and information to help older people in Wales

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