House of Portraits

The Brief

Powis Castle was the home of the Herbert family for centuries and portraits of them through the generations adorn the walls. 

National Trust wanted to tell the story of how each of these portraits was carefully created to burnish the public image of the person being painted. They were in their way, the social media feeds of their day.

Our Approach

For many visitors to National Trust properties, the paintings and portraits that adorn the walls are nice to look at, but are something of a closed book. But for art historians these portraits are a rich trove of information about the ambitions, politics and love lives of the people they depict. We wanted to make that experience available to everyone.

We worked with art historians and curators to profile some of the key paintings in a series of videos tell the story of the family who lived in Powis Castle for decades. Unveiling the symbolism and stories they tell.

As well as these interpretation videos we made social media promo content that was used to attract visitors. These are fast and snappy, setting out the concept of the exhibition and hinting at some of the stories writing to be discovered.


Shoot days


Video delivered


Crew members

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