Recruitment videos

The Brief

Making high-grade steel is a deeply technical process requiring chemical engineers, mathematicians, mechanical engineers and many other skilled people.

Tata approached us to create recruitment materials that would help them to attract the UK’s best and brightest to join their graduate employment scheme.

Our Approach

A steel works is a deeply impressive place. Full of fire and power. Equally, the range of roles that are available and the career progression.

To show this we interviewed people from across the organisation and at all stages of their careers. From people who had been there for 40 years who spoke about how well supported they felt, to new employees on the graduate scheme who spoke about what an exciting place it is to be at.


We also shot an absolute bucket load of b-roll because for film makers who grew-up watching Blade Runner, a steel works is a cinematic dream of a location.

We were able to put these interviews together with the b-roll to create really snappy short videos that showed Tata Steel as a dynamic, exciting place with lots of career progression.

One of the biggest challenges with this project was wrangling the logistics of obtaining so much content across such a huge location.

Our years of project management experience meant that we were able to bring this in on time and on budget.

We were even able to produce 3 more videos than originally agreed!

A steel works is a hazardous place to film and we were required to undergo a thorough induction before being permitted on site and were required to wear PPE at all times.


Shoot days


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