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Welsh Charities Week Brand Design

Tantrwm offers a comprehensive creative and digital service. We can provide an array of solutions. With brand design, expert knowledge and over 20 years experience, we can deliver the solution that’s right for you.

We worked with WCVA on their 2021 Welsh Charities Week, promoting and celebrating volunteers around Wales. Our ability to offer a suite of services meant WCVA worked with us from concept to final deliverables and distribution.

Tantrwm take the stress out of projects. Using a single agency allows a wider understanding of what is required across all elements.  And we are there for you from start to finish.


The Brief

The challenge was to create a design that positioned Welsh Charities Week as a friendly and professional brand. The identity needed to be inclusive to engage with the broad demographic of volunteers around Wales. It was also crucial that we created a professional identity to dissuade any ideas of mistrust that some people have of charities.


The Solution

Following a series of brand design workshops and discussions with the team, we landed on a theme that represented charities coming together in celebration.

To represent the various charities from all backgrounds, we created a design language around varying shapes and colours. This idea helped promote inclusivity while meeting the required objectives of being friendly and professional.
Our multi-skilled team used the brand design to create a bespoke website, social media templates, motion graphics and video case studies.


The Outcome

With a carefully considered brand design, website, social media, and video content, we delivered a successful campaign for WCVA. The website and social media showed steady growth of hits leading up to and during the campaign. 

All in all a successful collaboration with WCVA. Tantrwm delivered a Welsh Charities Week campaign that engaged and inspired volunteers all around Wales.

What We Did

  • Consultation
  • Visual identity design
  • Brand guide
  • Motion graphics
  • Social media templates
  • Website design
  • Website support
  • Film crew
  • Video content

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