Tantrwm Graphic Design and Animation

Tantrwm Graphic Design and Animation

Graphic design is a fine art, and when done well clearly communicates the identity of an organisation.We are incredibly fortunate to have talented graphic designer Rory Hopkins working with us. Rory joined us through the Kickstarter scheme and instantly wowed us with his dedication, skill and creativity.
He has developed a new brand identity for Welsh Charities Week, illustrations for Deloitte Leadership and the excellent branding for our very own Cider Wagon.
He is also carrying out a complete overhaul of the Tantrwm branding (watch this space).
But what has impressed us more than anything is his passion and versatility.


Rory is not just a talented graphic designer, he’s also a talented illustrator. Without him there are projects for DeloitteLeidosGreat Western Railway  and Dark Sky Wales that wouldn’t’ve been possible.

His attention to detail and sense of style doesn’t just fit branding requirements but also the delivers the messages required.


When creating a brand it’s important to have a clear idea of what you stand for. Who are you and what you do has to be considered when developing your look. Once that has been decided a graphic designer (Rory) can then develop ideas. Incorporating all these aspects into a number of different approaches.

When an idea is settled on it will be developed further until the client is happy. Only then is a branding guidelines document drawn up. This not only has the logo but also the fonts and how they should be used along with colours, sizes and print specs.

Following these guidelines will ensure your brand has a concise and cohesive look. Allowing audiences to identify and associate your content as yours instantly.

If you’d like to find out more about our graphic design and print packages, get in touch on tel:+441685 876700

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