This week I had the pleasure to undertake work placement with ‘Tantrwm’. I had always thought that media company’s were about pointing a camera at something and pressing record, but this week my entire perception of what they were was changed when I started working at ‘Tantrwm’. My name is Jack and let me tell you about what i’ve been doing this past week.

Day 1

The first day wasn’t anything too special all I really had to do was sit in a chair all day and note on ‘Numbers’ information about different prop, fancy dress costumes and so forth. Pretty standard for a work placement. I had to note their individual prices, sizes, gender, whether they were new o’r second hand and give a short description for each product. There were around 500 different fancy dress costumes and around 200 individual props. Even though it was a menial task it has now allowed us to sell the products or just knowing where everything is, it has also allowed us to clear the room that everything was in so that we could utilise another place for storage o’r whatever ‘Tantrwm’ wants in there.

Day 2

On this day I finished noting the different products and after that I went downstairs to start helping to set up the power supply for the brand shots we were going to do later on in the week. It took a while as it was quite a big box with lots of cables and plugs and parts to install. By doing this we have now moved this power supply on top of a desk so that we have a lot more room for the studio to be.


Day 3

The place needed a bit of a clean up before we could start working on making the studio tidy and setting up everything, so I cleared all the different boxes of wires and cables and arrange them so that they could neatly go back on the shelf in their own individual and sorted boxes. We then started to set up the studio more, like putting a new monitor up for showcase while filming and setting up more camera’s. I also got the opportunity to make some powerpoint off my own to be overlaid on the video footage. By cleaning all of those wires and author stuff on the floor we have now been able to have room to move the camera around freely and even have the organisation that a guest might look at.

Day 4

Day 4 was a bit of a pain as we couldn’t get the graphic overlay to work when we were filming the products but whilst Steven and Chainey did some work on that I finished up with the cables and labeled them.  I also filmed the rest of the products that the company’s had brought us. This came in later on down the line but because we filmed these products a day before editing them we saved a lot of time that we eventually spent on fixing the issue that had occurred before.

Day 5

We finally figured out the problem to why we couldn’t overlay the graphic properly on the day before. So whilst Chainey worked on that I was editing the clips that I had recorded before to make them in to short and fast clips to be exported as JPEG gif’s to use as advertisement and also an idea of what the company can do to put on the website. After I had finished that I started to write this blog post.

I would just like to personally thank ‘Tantrwm’ for letting me be here this week. I’ve learned so much and experienced even more than I could have possibly imagined on any other work placement. Thank you!