Tantrwm National League

Tantrwm National League (Netball)

We are incredibly proud that Tantrwm Limited and Wales Netball announce a Tantrwm National League sponsorship.

We provide sound, lighting, and live stream services for Wales Netball, and whilst doing so, we’ve become captivated and supporters of this faced-paced and skilful game. It’s hugely important to make this sport more accessible to women and for netball players to aspire to compete as adults at a national level.

There is an unmistakable level of respect between netball players and their opponents, along with games that allow supporters, friends and family to connect on a social level that doesn’t centre itself around alcohol. This is a great step in moving away from stereotypes that prevent women and girls from competing in sports at all levels. 

Our business sector is male-dominated, and by being involved in this exciting league, we hope to give a new generation of female AV professionals opportunities to work with us in sports and other aspects of our business.

The Tantrwm National League starts at Bangor University Sports Hall on Sunday, 21 May 2023, with further dates across Wales in June and July.

Six teams, 72 players, three venues, and 1 National League!

These games are a platform for the best domestic Netballers across Wales, giving a profile to women’s sport”, says Vicki Sutton, Wales Netball CEO.

In a world where women’s sport is always a second choice, we are very grateful to be a priority for Tantrwm”.

We look forward to seeing you at the Tantrwm National League! Follow our hashtag #TantrwmNationalLeague.

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