United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021

This November sees the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. This meeting of world leaders is important in the global fight to avoid climate catastrophe and climate change. This is a struggle that all levels of society need to play a part in. We’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the brilliant people we have been working with who are doing their bit.

One Planet Cardiff

Cardiff Council is on a mission to reduce the impact they have on the environment and battle climate change. Right now if everyone in the world used as much resource as people in Cardiff, we’d need three planets to keep up with demand. One Planet Cardiff are working to make Cardiff a sustainable city, through renewable energy projects, innovative drainage systems and socially responsible procurement.

Denbighshire County Council

Being Carbon neutral is a massive task for any organisation. Denbighshire County Council have an ambitious target of eliminating their net carbon emissions to zero by 2030. To do this they are training all of their employees to be carbon literate, so they can better understand how they can make a difference in their role.
They also have plans to plan thousands of trees, which as well as sucking up carbon, will create habitat for wildlife, so win-win.

Pontypridd Young Friends of the Earth

These young people are brilliant and despite their young age have been campaigning for the planet for years. A favourite moment for us was in the run-up to the 2019 general election when they grilled the candidates on their climate credentials. Pointing out that climate change is something that is very close to their hearts.

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