What is live streaming?

It seems that here at Tantrwm, we’re not the only ones who use Live Streaming as a fantastic marketing tool for our clients. In the US it is reported that 51% of small organisations choose streaming as their main method of marketing!

If you’re an owner of a small business, you will know full well that marketing budgets are extremely limited, if not non-existent! So if over half of small businesses in America are using this amazing tool to increase sales, then maybe more small companies in the UK should be giving it a go too.

If you’re thinking of running a competition to boost sales, then all your entrants can live stream the announcement of the winner! Plus, you can publicise the live stream event, in advance, to all the clients on your database, increasing traffic to your website.

You can even live stream business meetings whilst sharing documents and knowledge – perhaps deemed not as exciting, but extremely useful not to mention a fantastic way of utilising the time of very busy people.

Get in touch to find out how we can find the best live stream solution for your business and take advantage of our current offer – remember, we always have great coffee and biscuits so pop in!

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