Tantrwm’s best 3 tips for Live Streaming at venues.

The business of Live Streaming video is a complex, multi-disciplined, tech-heavy business. At its best, it seamlessly combines many different aspects of video production, editing, sound technology, I.T. and networking, with a sprinkle of good ol’ showbizzy stage management.

Because of the eclectic mix of skills required, and the crossover of competences needed to deliver the perfect stream, event streaming at a host venue often develops into a collaborative effort, where the the quality of the final product is a reflection of the relationship between the in-house tech-team (and their infrastructures) and the visiting technicians/videographers and their equipment.

The most important aspects of this collaboration are:

Let’s keep talking to each other.

Clear and effective communication between the two teams, and a willingness to help each other exceed expectations are key prerequisites for the successful delivery of a top-quality end product.

Site visits are essential.

Tantrwm was recently booked to record and live stream a very large, week long symposium held at one of the UK’s largest convention complexes. At the initial site visit we were greeted by the head of events and the head of I.T., who took us and the client around the venue for a long and detailed tour of the facilities while we discussed our technical requirements and the proposed layout for the event. That, in turn, gave us plenty of time to draft a plan of action and anticipate any challenge.

Always include some pre-production time into your event budget, because, as the old adage says, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!”

Your stream will be only as good as the infrastructure it sits on.

Again, during the conference I just mentioned, the dedicated Audio-Visual and I.T. technicians were always on site, ready to help us with all our technical needs (each room was staffed by at least one AV technician) and we were able to lean on a very robust network infrastructure with crazy fast upload speed (100Mbps or so) , so that we could stream smoothly and at a very high quality.

The venue supported us throughout the process, and that enabled us to deliver a great live streaming experience.

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