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Imperial College Executive Education


We recently travelled to the ‘Big Smoke’ and Imperial College, one of our most established clients.

Imperial College, one of London’s most prestigious teaching institutions, for a series of Lecture Capturing gigs.

We filmed numerous seminar style classes, in which top technologists and engineers from some of the world’s largest TELCOs, Energy, or Finance firms were introduced to high-level business, sales and re-structuring concepts by some of the world’s most accomplished academic minds.

Some of the sessions were given by high-profile (one could say ‘famous’) guest speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, such as government, regulators, FTSE100 companies, technology innovators, etc. All guest speakers shared their experience, thoughts and insights with the participants in order to inspire, motivate, and challenge them to rethink their strategic approach to their business.

The in-depth knowledge gained from the seminars introduced the participants to essential business concepts and ideas which they will need going forward as they become the next generation of Chief Technical Officers.

It’s great to say “We were there!”  capturing all the priceless drops of wisdom instilled into the participants using our tech tools, channelling them onto our bespoke online learning interface, where all the content from the sessions is stored, ready to be used again and again as a reflective learning tool.

Get in touch to discuss your staff training needs, we have Video-based online learning solutions tailored to any budget.

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