Aberdare BID

Working with the OUR Aberdare BID team


Like most valleys towns, Aberdare has to adapt. Whether it’s the challenges of online shopping or rising costs and out-of-town shopping centres. Change can’t be ignored! It is for this reason the Aberdare Business Improvement District (BID) was set up. Made up of and paid for by businesses in the Aberdare area, the OUR Aberdare BID aims to shout about Aberdare’s reputation as a vibrant hub for shopping and socialising. We are ecstatic to play an active part in this visionary group.

Tantrwm will be helping supply films, animations, social media, big screens and more. Alongside the creative aspects, we will also be supporting several events around the town.

With every project we work on, we develop a deep understanding of our clients and what they’re about. With the OUR Aberdare BID team, we are already an integral part of the community. We have also been actively promoting our town since Tantrwm was first formed over 20 years ago.Developing a combined approach and working hand in hand means we can develop a multi-faceted approach. Not just focussing on content but how that content can be used to maximum effect.

We will also be helping out with events around the town. Providing catering and refreshments with the Cider Wagon and Pizza Wagon. Erecting big screens so that more people can enjoy the events that are being put on. Developing strategies that promote businesses and charities alike. And bringing people together to work for the greater good. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

We have a varied arsenal of tools, tech and expertise that we can use to bring forward the change that’s required.
Businesses working together and in turn lobbying, MPs and MSs so that conditions for shops and organisations in the town centre are allowed to thrive. Bringing the public in to have their say on what they think is needed and adding the might of the OUR Aberdare BID team to get it done.

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