Bedlinog and Trelewis Social Media

For the past year we have been providing content for Bedlinog and Trelewis Community Councils social media channels. This has involved a new film being made and posted once a week. In order to keep the variety up the films have taken the form of animations, interviews, silly and serious.

Keeping the variety up was key in keeping the content engaging. If every film looked the same as the last, people would soon get too familiar with them and simply scroll past. Instead we made the films so that they would fit into  their own little series, allowing us to create batches. These had enough “episodes” for the audience to become familiar with style and tone of that particular series but not enough to out stay their welcome. Soon there would be a new series which would keep the watcher engaged. 


Why a new film a week?

You might ask “Why not just make one really in depth film?” Well that’s what the council originally came to us with. However one film would’ve had a very limited shelf life and although it could be used again and again, as the reason for the film was to garner more followers on their social media channels, we suggested new content every week would serve them much better.

They agreed and have witnessed the Bedlinog and Trelewis social media stats grow consistently throughout the year. Something that prior to their regular content being posted, wasn’t a thing.

It is a challenging project to work on though as each piece of content had to be based around –

  • Recycling
  • Composting
  • What happens to your rubbish

and trying to keep things fresh with so little to choose from isn’t easy. We pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver the best solutions possible for our clients within their available budgets. This is one of those occasions that the client put their trust in our advice to see it pay dividends.

Give us a call and see how we could help you. We’re always happy to chat and advise.

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