Free Social Media Content For Your Animation

Animation and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Animation is an extremely versatile and useful tool that is perfect for social media. Compared to pictures, words and sentences it drives far more engagement with your followers. Promoting clickthroughs and interaction and keeping them watching from start to finish.

Incorporating your branding and messages into eye catching animations will drive your presence on social media forward. After all, which would you respond too and read till the end? The static image with text or the vibrant, moving images that tell a story right up until your call to action. It can simplify complex ideas. Allowing explanations of processes that can be quite intricate in an easily understandable and digestible way. Perfect for product launches and how to films.

And lets not forget the fun aspect of animation. A fun and entertaining animation will engage more people on social media. The majority of your audience are on social media to relax and be entertained.

Free Social media content

The Tantrwm team is expanding and as part of this expansion we have welcomed on board Becca Campbell, our new animator.
As part of the celebrations we’re offering free social media content with every animation commissioned from now until the end of March.
Once we have created your animation we will give you a full day free of charge. Creating further short, formatted social media content in order for you to really capitalise on your new animation.

We have over 20 years experience in film making and animation. Working with clients such as Imperial College, Royal College of Music, MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and Welsh Government.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel and check out some of the fantastic projects we’ve been fortunate enough to take part in.

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