What a Difference a Year Makes

What a difference a year makes

This time last year we were at a top 5 star hotel in Leicester square live streaming an Imperial College lecture on the future of AI. Luxury accommodation, beautiful food and refreshments and the sights and sounds of the bustling capital. Fast forward to last weekend. After a fallow year with no live events due to lockdown restrictions, we find ourselves outdoors. On the top level of a car park in Swansea, in the freezing cold until early hours of the morning, with not even a coffee between us. Looking at the two, you might think “I know which one I’d prefer”, but each one has its own challenges.

Carrying out work in the centre of London is always tricky. Navigating traffic, unloading gear miles away from the venue because of parking, parking, length of journey, overnight stay, the list is endless.

It’s Not Always About the Luxury

So while you might think that setting up a live stream studio on top of a car park isn’t quite as glamorous, it does mean that none of the factors above are issues. Unloading and parking all within 15ft of each other. An hour and a half round trip and although it was early hours of the morning there was no impact on family as it was through the night. So the cold and lack of hospitality and refreshments don’t seem so bad. In fact, I’d go as far as to say we actually preferred it. Overcoming the challenges is extremely satisfying. Supplying a continuous stream from 2 robotic cameras without WI-FI and weather thats so cold that the computer keeps crashing.


Back ups were required for everything from laptops to 4G connections. This meant if one went down the other would kick in instantly to ensure the whole stream was seamless. If you want to find out more about live streaming, get in touch on 01685 876700

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