Covaid Live Stream

Covaid 2020 – Jacs Aberdare

Back in September we delivered the live stream and video elements for covaid. Covaid was a free, online, charity, live music festival streamed from our local music venue, Jacs Aberdare. It’d been such a long time since we’d wheeled out our live mix tv studio we’d forgotten what it looked like. The event was an 8 hour live stream featuring 17 acts across 2 stages plus tv interview studio. Think the valleys answer to Live Aid (if you can remember that far back) and you won’t go far wrong. Catching all the action was paramount.

To do this we used a multiple camera set up across the 3 locations in order to get every shot. From wide band shots to close up guitar solos, nothing got by us. Audio was taken directly from from the venues sound desk which was operated by the incredibly talented Alex Rees. Needless to say, the sound all day was faultless. In between bands were interviews and chat conducted by two fantastic hosts (Geraint Benney and Cat Southall). These took place in a separate studio and gave each act a platform and allowed the following act time to set up.


A Day To Remember


It was the first time we’d wheeled out the live stream studio and cameras in over 6 months and we were honored to be part of the day. 8 hours, 8 cameras, 17 bands, 2 stages 1 interview studio all spliced together seamlessly with zero delays and no drop outs. A mammoth task that everyone involved from behind the scenes to performers, pulled off with professionalism and unrivalled enthusiasm.


Variety Was Key

Throughout the day the musical styles jumped between folk, rock, electronic, heavy metal, comedy, jazz and blues. The multiple camera feeds ensured the audience didn’t miss a thing and gave the as near to a live experience as possible. Team Tantrwm fit seamlessly with the Jacs team who knocked the quick turnarounds out of the park and still produced a great sound mix. Raising almost £2000 for Cwm Taf NHS Trust in 8 hours and over 20,000 views, it was a roaring success. All in all, an extremely tiring but incredibly rewarding day. The event can be viewed free on the Jacs Aberdare page on facebook here.


If you’d like to find out more about live streaming, contact Chris or Andrew on 01685 876700.

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