Tata Steel recuitment Case Studies

Tata Steel

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been shooting at Tata Steel Port Talbot. An incredible location! A videographers wet dream. Tantrwm were there making recruitment case studies which involved interviews with apprentices, graduates and long term employees. We also got complete access to the steel making process from start to finish. It was like Mordor at times.

Filming these interviews in such a glorious location meant we got amazing cutaway shots to use. These only reinforced the message that Tata is indeed a great place to work and make a career.

We also found that each interviewee had a real belief in what they were doing and in the company itself. It’s so much more satisfying when the interviews are natural and you don’t have to make them sound convincing. While the location and people were a breath of fresh air, what will really stick with us is the positivity and passion of our guide, Mike Caycik.

An Incredible Example of Always Putting Your Best Foot Forward.

Mikes story is too vast to sum up in a post but he joined the steelworks in the early 80’s, working for free for the first few months in order to gain experience and show what he had to offer.

Over the following years he moved up the ladder, undertaking a range of different rolls around the plant and gaining an un rivaled knowledge of steel manufacturing in the process. His dedication and always putting his best foot forward, earned Mike the ongoing respect of his peers and one of the top jobs at the plant. The pride, passion and belief he shows the young apprentices and graduates we were interviewing was inspirational and nothing was too much trouble for him. The man has steel in his blood.

Now retired he works part time as a tour guide at the plant and a better example and advocate for a company you’d struggle to find. A true gent.

Mike, we salute you.

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