DB Flooring

Websites for local trades people, DB Flooring!

Being a professional trades-person has changed drastically in recent years. There was a time when you had to spend thousands of pounds every year to have yourself listed in the Yellow Pages or risk losing a huge amount of business. This is why we helped DB Flooring.

Where as now the most important part of getting work for any tradesperson is having a good website that shows off your business and come up on the first page when people search for your service on Google.

Which is where Tantrwm can help.

Take DB Flooring, a small business based in Aberdare. We created a website complete with a shopping cart and helped them develop an effective social media strategy.

Now their business comes in first in the organic (not paid for) search results on Google if people search for ‘flooring Aberdare’. This means that they are getting business day in day out without having to fork out thousands of pound for a listing in each year’s Yellow Pages.

There is also the added bonus that they can update their website themselves with special offers and new products whenever they want. And by using Facebook to interact with their customers they are able to use the great reviews they are getting to get new work.

Tantrwm have been making websites for 15 years. We are accredited by Comptia as a trusted business, so you can be sure that our websites will help your business.

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