Sandpiper AT

Sandpiper AT: A tech lovers dream!

You might not have noticed, but we are kind of into technology. If it has buttons and wires chances are, we’ll like it. So we really, really liked going to visit Sandpiper Aerial Technology to chat about making their new website.

Sandpiper make bespoke aerials that can pick up on any frequency or bandwidth you need. The workshop is like an Aladdin’s Cave of cool tools and kit. Sandpiper are another Aberdare business with a worldwide client base, and so to help them take full advantage of this we built a shopping cart system as part of their website.

As with all our websites we built Sandpipers using WordPress, which means that it is easily updatable and new features and functionality can be added whenever they need to. They guys were so pleased with the site that they came back to use to get business cards and a big banner to hang outside their workshop.

If you’re looking for a new website that shows off your business, then give Tantrwm a call. We have been making websites for 15 years.

We are accredited by Comptia as a trusted business, so you can be sure that our websites will help your business.

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