Festival film making with Tantrwm at Glastonbury 2005

Enjoy Glastonbury 2019.

Watch our ‘Welly Telly’ festival film from 2005.

June 2019 and the Glastonbury Festival is once again upon us.

The amazing music and arts spectacular takes place almost every year and has a reputation for mud and mayhem. We thought that we would share with you a little festival film that we found on our DV tape archive.

In 2005 Tantrwm had just taken on our first staff members and we happened to be filming at the festival with Undercurrents, the video activism group. The truth was we wanted free tickets and as long as we captured nice shots and interesting footage, then we were in. The bonus though, that Undercurrents are super awesome people and why wouldn’t you want to spend a week with them!

We made a number of films. One of them was about the toilets, the poo, the smell. Unfortunately we could not find that tape (we gave our only copy to the BBC but they never aired it). So we made a quick film about wellies and the mud. You would have seen a few of the shots on the news over the years as people rolling around in mud is always used by mainstream media to help them with lazy journalism.

The film was shot on a Sony PD150 on mini DV tape and then edited in the back of our van at Glastonbury. It was aired at the Groovy Movie Solar Cinema during the event. We had great times at the festival and made a good few films. If we can find more, then we will share. Robert Challis was our new employee and fledgling camera man at the time. He sadly passed away a few years back. Always missed 🙁

Tantrwm are creative and experienced film makers. In the 14 years since this festival film was made we have developed as a company and as individuals. Technology has changed and we have stayed ahead of the curve while also increasing the quality of our output. Take a look at some of our services.

Enjoy the festival. Wish we were there.

June 19th 2019

‘Tantrwm have worked with me for over 14 years on projects for some of the world’s most recognisable and prestigious organisations. I regularly engage the team for their reliability, approach, creativity, skills and personalities. I highly recommend getting in touch with Andrew to talk through any project.”

John Walsh
Breakthrough Change Management

“Live streaming, creative video, on line course creation and advice call Andrew on +44 (0)1685 876700” 

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