A night at the opera. Live event filming with Tantrwm.

Live event filming and streaming: A Tantrwm speciality.

We tackle event filming in a certain way. Our team use state of the art robotic cameras as much as possible in live event situations. This minimises the visual impact and associated distractions that a cameraman, tripod and big camera would normally create. It also means speedier set up and dismantling time and gives us the ability to pre-program shots, angles, camera movement and lighting changes.

We have 20 cameras available for live event productions, but a typical job would use three or four. These cameras are fed into a live vision mixing system, along with audio from an AV team plus graphics from a laptop or playback device. All of these signals are mixed and a ‘live show’ recorded and / or broadcast to TV or more commonly on to a live streaming service such as Facebook Live, Youtube, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The diversity of the work we get called upon to undertake is vast.

In the last year we have streamed live from the M&S Arena in Liverpool (formerly the Echo arena) for the British Council for 5 days, broadcast awards ceremonies for the Welsh Government, delivered ‘Dragons Den’ style shows for entrepreneurial departments in universities, and much more.

The highlight of our event schedule though, was to be asked to capture the very rarely performed ‘Agrippina’. This Handle opera was performed at The Grange Opera festival. Tantrwm were involved in live mixing 8 cameras, providing the outside broadcast trailer, capturing individual camera feeds and ‘making it happen’. We worked for and closely with Stagecast, who provided the direction, skills and additional kit. It was a real team effort.

If you like opera and would like to see this rarely seen production in full then you can in the full youtube clip below.

When you need a team that are reliable, well equipped, calm under pressure, hard working and technically capable then call Tom, Chris or Andrew at Tantrwm Digital Media.

June 21st 2019

‘Andrew and his team have been at the forefront of  live streaming technology for over a decade. They were there helping the British Council in Cardiff 2008 with the fledgling ‘Mogulus’ software. That became ‘livestream’ and eventually Vimeo. Tantrwm have evolved, developed and stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. I highly recommend them.”

Julian Wing
The British Council

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