Grants for farming communities

Does your organisation ever need to report on, or document a project?

Do you need to collect valuable feedback from your clients to alter, modify and improve your operations?

Why not take advantage of the immediacy of video to convey the message, instead of getting bogged down with endless written forms and reports?

One organisation who successfully used video to collect information and feedback from service users is “Creative Rural Communities” the rural development agency of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

They needed to collect impressions and feedback from farming families who had received  financial support to diversify their business away from their core farming operations towards other, more sustainable forms.

The businesses created through the support provided by CRC were as diverse as a tearoom, ‘glamping’ pods, a horse jumping course, a maze made out of maize, an ice-cream van, and a Finnish-style log cabin holiday home.

All these brand new enterprises were funded via the the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and were aimed at easing the farmers’ reliance on crop or meat sales, while creating tourism-based infrastructures which could support them through the winter months with additional revenues.

We had a wonderful time adventuring through the Rural Vale, discovering and capturing all the unpolluted beauties it has to offer, listening to the farmers’ words of wisdom on many topics, and immersing ourselves in the green, unspoiled landscape we were fortunate enough to be calling ‘the office’ for a week or so.

As part of the documentation process we asked the farmers some key questions regarding the application for funding. They gave us their honest and straight-up views on many aspects of the process,  such as the paperwork involved, the clearing process, and the post-funding support received i.e. marketing/sales guidance.

The result of this work was the creation of 12 films which were then used by the Rural Development agency as feedback on the funding process, to demonstrate the project’s viability to the ERDF, and to inform and modify future funding procedures.

If your company needs to collect information, feedback,  or customer stories, try taking advantage of the immediacy of video.

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