Great Western Railway Be Safe Campaign


Great Western Railway Be Safe Campaign

Having grown-up in the hey-day of Thomas the Tank Engine, we can hand on heart say, we love trains. So whenever we get the chance to work with Great Western Railway we seize the opportunity with both hands. And what fun it has been to be back working with them again. GWR want their mangers to take a different approach to health and safety. This involves praising staff for doing the right thing, rather than telling them off when they get it wrong.

The Be Safe campaign is based around the idea that the carrot works better than the stick. Positive reinforcement encourages staff as it doesn’t involve taking anything away or introduce negative consequences. In short, it’s easier to encourage behaviours than to discourage them.

A Winning Approach

To help embed this change we created a video that brought together animation, interviews and lots of lovely footage of trains to create something that really did the job for them. Heather, the Safety Support Manager who commissioned the video sent us a lovely email saying: “This is amazing, I am thoroughly delighted. Thanks for the brilliant video, you have all been amazing to work with”

Before the pandemic we were working with GWR on a monthly basis streaming conferences, developing animations and creating films. We got to know their teams and their way of working. This meant that we could develop solutions from the inside out and with a deeper understanding of the goals and how to achieve them. It also meant we gather content throughout the relationship so that, on occasion, we could create original films/animations without needing to film/illustrate any extra content.

We apply this way of working to all our clients which has led us to many ongoing relationships with organisations such as Leidos, Royal College of Music, MHRA, Imperial College and many more.

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Great Western Railway
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