Monumental Welsh Women

Statue unveiling of Elaine Morgan

At the start of 2021 we were lucky enough to make a film about Monumental Welsh Women. This organisation is working hard to bring some gender balance to the way Wales represents its story through public statues.

Until they unveiled their statue of Betty Campbell in Cardiff town centre, the only statues that portrayed real women in Wales were of royalty.

And there are so many Welsh women deserving of celebration.

Excitingly we worked with them again, to document a new statue of Cynon Valley’s very own Elaine Morgan. This involved creating films and live streaming the unveiling at Mountain Ash.

Elaine was an incredible renaissance woman whose career spanned screenwriting and evolutionary theory. A huge inspiration to young and old regardless of gender.

She was a screen writer and author of several books on evolutionary theory (including her most famous work, the aquatic ape hypothesis). She travelled the world giving talks and was highly revered amongst scholars and students alike. You can find out more about here on the Monumental Welsh Women website.

We are proud to be part of this amazing drive to celebrate Welsh Women whose achievements were monumental!

Monumental Welsh Women

Monumental Welsh Women is a not for profit organisation dedicated to recognising the contribution of women to the history and  life of Wales. Until September 2021, there were no statues of real Welsh women in Wales.


They are working to change this. Their  mission is to erect 5  statues  honouring 5 Welsh women in 5 different locations around Wales in 5  years.

It’s  a  huge  challenge.

So far, they have commissioned and unveiled two statues – Betty Campbell in Cardiff and Elaine Morgan in Mountain Ash. There are three more in the pipeline.

Da iawn all involved and keep up the good work.

If you have a story that needs to be told, give us a call on 01685 876700.

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