GWR Online Events and Conferences


Great Western Railway Online Events and Conferences

Tantrwm specialise in working on events and conferences. Not only do we specialise in them, we also really love working them.  For us, the pandemic has been a strange time. As we emerge into our “new normal”, events are starting up again. But like lots of other things, they can’t be done the same way as in the past. When Great Western Railway held their 2021 Leadership Conference it was a little different than before. Rather than an all live or all online affair, this event took a hybrid approach. Three smaller live events at three locations were connected using the power of live streaming.


To help deliver what was needed we used a software called Hopin. Hopin is built for events of all shapes and sizes—from small gatherings to massive conferences. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Organisers can make their events private password-protected or hidden and invite-only. You can also sell tickets, make your event free or a mix of both. Using a combination of our bespoke live streaming kit and Hopin, each venue could interact with each other using large screens. Engaging with delegates at home through live break out rooms and Q and A’s meant those not there were still an integral part.

It was as close to the in-person conference experience it could be. Most of the participants didn’t even have to leave their front rooms. Our understanding of GWR’s requirements and decades of live streaming experience, meant we delivered a seamless experience for delegates. It was great to be back working our magic with GWR and are looking forward to helping more events succeed. Despite the continued challenges of the pandemic.

If you’re considering an online event, give us a call and let us help on 01685 876700. We can even have a chat and a virtual coffee over Zoom/Teams.

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