Tantrwm LED Screens


We have been making videos and displaying them on big led screens and video walls since the day Tantrwm was founded. We’re not just about creating the content we can also advise and provide the means to get it in front of your audience.

How many stands at trade shows have you seen that the only reason you stopped was because you new the name or they were giving away stuff.Now imagine turning the corner in the same show and being faced with a stand that was created from led video walls.

You’d stop right!

Pair that pulling power with content that doesn’t just grab your attention but keeps you engaged. The amount of time you’d spend at that stand would be far more than any other.

What if you’ve got a big event?

It’d be so much more impactful if it began and ended with bespoke video that inspires the people there. How about a live demonstration or gig? Only the people at the front will really be able to see what’s happening. With a giant LED screen showing all the action with close ups, everyones a winner.

Let us help

We understand video and the huge variety of audiences that consume it. We also understand that different arrangements and sizes require the content to be formatted correctly for maximum impact.

It’s not quite as simple as saying this is the size screen I need and I want to show this on it. Most video is shot in landscape where as screens can be any set up. Portrait, landscape, L shaped, a square with the middle missing. Try showing a standard video on some of the setups and you’ll have content with half the picture missing.

Get in touch and speak to Andrew or Tom on 01685 876700

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