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Healthy Performers Series – Royal College of Music

This week saw the release of 13 films that we made focussed on performers health for the Healthy Conservatoires Network. Performing at the highest level puts performers under immense physical and emotional strain. These films help professional performers from dancers to musicians stay healthy.

The advice given is invaluable to all age groups and skill levels. Helping performers to carry on doing what they love throughout their lives unhindered by health concerns. The films include interviews and advice with a range of medical specialists. Covering subjects like coping with audition stress, hearing conservation, and more. The series is beneficial to amateurs and professionals alike. It’s been no mean feet to film at different locations around the country safely over the past few months.

But we did it.

Safely managing a large scale video production through Covid.

The toughest aspect of this project was arranging interviews and filming.  Arranging a shoot at a time when being in the same room with a stranger brings extreme anxiety. In order to get around this we developed a Covid filming policy. This laid out the precautions we would take and put any fears interviewees might have to rest. All shoots were carried out socially distanced and with full PPE, with all kit being disinfected at regular intervals throughout the day. It wasn’t easy but it’s certainly worth it.

We also designed and built the Healthy Conservatoires website. Their old site was out of date, hard to find and not designed to accommodate the ever growing amount of content needed. We designed a sleek and functional new site that fit in with their branding guidelines. It’s easy to update and use whilst being stylish and appealing to the eye.

Check out the rest of the films in the series here and if you like what you see, subscribe to our Youtube channel

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