Live-streaming to a global audience

The English language is studied globally and the IATEFL conference hosted by the British Council is one of the biggest events in the calendar of English

teachers worldwide.


Tantrwm has been live-streaming the conference  since 2009, working hard to develop an international audience for these essential and valuable broadcasts.

In 2014 the conference was watched on-line by some 80,000 teachers. During the conference Tantrwm simultaneously ran a studio-style chat show throughout, interviewing the keynote speakers with roving teams, streaming talks and lectures from different locations of the venue. By the end of the conference, Tantrwm had captured some 120 hours of HD footage, which is now used post-event to ensure ongoing access to global delegates who may have missed an opportunity or key information due to time zone or other issues.

Working with the British Council  during IATEFL conference we can begin to appreciate just how incredible the internet is as a tool. Such wonderful stories such as a group of English teachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo hiring out every internet café in town to make sure their students can watch the conference. This is the power of live-streaming in action.

We are proud of this relationship and the ability to interact with so many people globally on behalf of clients such as British Council.  Together, each year we continue to build on our service and abilities by utilising the latest technology and of course some Tantrwm creative genius!!

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