Imperial College’s Incredible Athletes

Doing the job that we do mean that we are lucky enough to meet some amazing people.

As part of a series of films we are creating for the Centre for Performance Science we visited the Biodynamics Lab at Imperial College of capture how they work with top athletes and help them improve the mechanical efficiency of their movement and develop their competitive edge.

This forensic approach to performance is becoming ever more important in top level sport and Imperial College have been working with the GB Rowing team as part of their preparation for the Rio Olympics.

It is amazing to see the dedication that these athletes have to develop themselves and the way that they draw upon the expertise of many different disciplines to do this.

The shoot also gave us another opportunity to get our new FS7 out and we are really pleased with how the Kessler CineSlider works with it to create cinematic camera movement with a minimum of fuss.

We love Imperial College. The staff, the facilities and even the design of the place. See how we can capture the best bits of your establishment on film.

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