Online Training Videos

Online Training Videos must be engaging so that people continue watching.

We know you’ll be putting in a lot of hard work into the content for your Training Video so getting it right for you is paramount to us. Gathering your nuggets of wisdom is a task in itself, but making your messages clear and interesting to an audience, is a completely different task. Tantrwm have over 15 years of experience in making films and videos. We pride ourselves in being great storytellers and so any subject or topic is a completely open book!

It’s important to think about what you would like the trainee to come away with after watching the videos. What the key points would you like them to bring to the table? We turn these objectives into an easily viewed video that encapsulates everything you want your audience to know. So if you you’d rather your audience didn’t have to hear monotone narration over uninteresting imagery, or video then let’s explore what creative, interesting content can be made for them – Tantrwm style!

We’ve worked with many clients producing great interactive videos. We work closely with organisations to understand their processes as this enables us to create a great, specifically tailored, training video.

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