Live Event Streaming and Coverage

How do you increase your audience at an event without hiring larger expensive venues? Live Streaming!

Isn’t Live Streaming for large organisations, and costly? No. At Tantrwm, we provide Live Streaming of any size event, and any location. Want to bring the lecture from one person to thousands of people? A day-long, multi-venue conference in one country broadcast to hundreds of countries? Or perhaps a band’s full set from a concert to die-hard fans all over the world?

Whatever the event, Tantrwm can facilitate a global reach by video streaming online.


We work closely with you to find out exactly what you need communicating to your audience, and whether its a free clickable link you’re offering, or if your audience need to register contact details before they can join in the event. You can even set up pay per view.

As with any job we carry out for our clients, we ensure that we obtain a clear brief from the outset. This enables us to create a Live Streaming video in Wales that encompasses your vision of the event, with the key messages going to a massively increased audience.

Tantrwm Digital Media can also provide an online copy of the Live Streamed video, plus photography to capture the best moments of the event in beautiful and clear photos.

We continually keep abreast of technology and always have the latest kit so we can ensure that you have the best in quality.

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