Creative Video Production – A Brief Introduction

To quote Dylan Thomas...

To begin at the beginning” – The very first thing for you to do in a creative video production is obtain a client brief.

Starting out with clear objectives means that we know exactly what your vision is. We can then turn your vision into reality! If specific requirements are not communicated, this can lead to more time and money being spent on a project.


The most important thing to concentrate on in a brief is the key messages you want to get across in your film. Mapping these out clearly will enable us to make a coherent and interesting video, specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs.

You can decide upon the style of video you’re looking for, or ask us for our suggestions. You may require something corporate and slick or perhaps even something a little bit funny. Tantrwm has over 15 years’ video production experience, within a plethora of industries, and that enables us to make videos of any style.

The brief is an essential part of getting your film exactly right for you. When you spend time writing a good brief, you spend less time and money later on trying to get things right. This enables us to make your online or offline video as quickly as possible, and without having to keep tapping your budget!

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