Make Merthyr Magnificent

Make Merthyr Magnificent

It’s so rewarding to see projects that you were part of right at the very beginning finally coming to fruition.

This week, a project to ‘Make Merthyr Magnificent‘ gained support from Welsh government and the National Lottery Heritage fund.

The plans propose a 20 year plan to create a 250 acre heritage park. This will help in drawing in half a million visitors a year and creating hundreds of jobs.

At its centre is a scheme to update the Cyfartha Castle Museum to a world class attraction.


Other projects that are part of the plan are –

  • Preserving a 200 year old iron furnace that is considered of world importance and in danger of being lost.
  • A 495-metre high level walkway connecting the castle to the furnace.
  • A 3 hectare community vegetable garden
  • A new “glassway” entrance to the castle

Getting In Front of the Right People

At the start of the process we made a film about the conversations and discussions with local people and politicians. This covered what they felt might ‘Make Merthyr Magnificent’.


Interviewing the local community enabled us to bring their passion and emotion to the forefront and made for a far more engaging and persuasive argument.

When preparing an application for funding it’s a proven strategy that working video into your bid can boost your chances of success. Being able to gauge the emotion of the people behind the bid as well as the people who it will effect speaks volumes. Trying to get emotion into a weighty document that is pages and pages of figures is a tall ask even for the most competent of writers.

If you’ve got a community project or are thinking of submitting a bid for funding, why not give us a call. We’ve got over 20 years of experience with succesful bids and would be happy to advise on the best approach for you.

Call us on 01685 876700 or drop us a message here.

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