Mobile Cooking Demonstration Studio

Live events are starting to come back.

We have grown our live event offerings to include fully kitted out mobile kitchen studios.

These can be set up practically anywhere.

And it’s not just cooking either.

They can be used for most demonstrations from repairs to arts and crafts.

Putting your demos in front of live audiences allows more people to benefit from your presentation.

Tantrwm Live Event Mobile Demonstration Kitchen


Our demo kitchens are custom designed after speaking with professional chefs and what they need. We found the main issue with other demo kitchens was poor sound quality and feedback. Mainly through the use of cheap audio equipment.

Using pro quality radio mics and speakers, we improve sound quality and get rid of feedback.

Standard features include:

  • Twin counter top induction hobs

  • Attractive modular plywood cabinets with stainless steel frame

  • Shelf storage

  • 2.1 metre oak worktop

  • Pro quality PA System

  • Pro quality wireless headsets and handheld microphones

  • Overhead mirror in oak frame

  • Health and Safety equipment (1st aid kit, fire extinguisher & fire blanket)


Our modular design also allows you to choose any combination of up to 3 professional appliances per kitchen:

  • Stainless fan oven with grill

  • Under counter fridge

  • Under counter freezer

  • Stainless steel microwave

Combining these with some of our other events packages only adds to the experience.

These can include :-

  • Wireless headphones
  • Personal wireless speakers
  • Led screens (from giant outdoor to smaller indoor screens)
  • All weather PA sound system
  • Mobile bar
  • Soundproof mobile interview studio

With over twenty years experience, Tantrwm are the ideal people to partner with. Helping make your event engaging and stand out.

Get in touch and let’s chat about how we can help bring your event to life.

Call Chris or Andrew on 01685 876700 and let’s get the ball rolling.

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