One Stop for Events Management

One Stop for Events

Online and live events management over the past year has adapted to take into account lockdown restrictions.

With many going online the common consensus is, while online events are a good work around, it’s still less than ideal.

With live events now starting to be scheduled let us be your one stop for online and live events.

Online Events

Many of us have become used to taking our working lives online and this has made us a lot more accepting of online events (something that in the past was untrodden territory).

While online events may not stand up to their live counterpart, there are still positives.



Online events are far easier to arrange logistically. Venues, manpower, refreshments, health and safety and travel are just a few of the huge list of things to think about when organising a live event. With an online event the amount of red tape needed is slashed dramatically.


Even before lockdown this has been a major plus point for taking an event online. Your attendees can be part of the event from their own home, regardless of where in the world they live. This can help to make people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend, feel included. It also means that capacity for the event isn’t an issue. The number of attendees is limitless so the possibility of attracting higher numbers of attendance is increased.

In Person Events

There is no doubt that events that in person events carry far more clout. While online events have more going for them as far as convenience goes. There is no doubt that if you want to make an impact, in person events are the way to go.



A live event carries with it the smells, sounds and tactile experiences that you are unable to get online. Interacting with others face to face is also far more beneficial than over Zoom or teams.


There are no end to the options for an in person event. Whether its entertainment, food and drink, fair ground rides, exhibitions/presentations, workshops, etc. All are easier to achieve face to face and bring so much more value for money.

Whether your event is online or face to face we  can be your one stop for events management .

We have the staff, knowledge and facilities to help with any event.


Get in touch on 01685 876700 and let’s discuss the options.

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