Video and Online Learning

A Better Way To Learn

Most people have now experienced an online learning course. Using video as part of this course improves its effectiveness ten fold. In certain situations it’s proven to be more effective than face to face learning. Processes can be hard to explain with words, and at times it’s even harder to explain them with pictures. Moving pictures with words beat both hands down. Video offers a flexible and cost-effective way to do this. Especially when integrated into a digital learning system. This combination allows the learner to proceed at their own pace, without the pressure of a classroom environment. Online learning courses are also easily reformatted to multiple languages and can also be sold to provide additional revenue.

The Right Team For The Job

Making sure your staff are constantly developing their skills is key when running any organisation. We have created bespoke training systems that

  • Help taxi drivers study for a national qualification
  • Staff reduce waste in the hospitality industry
  • Develop systems thinking in the middle-management of a large public sector organisation.

Often we find ourselves working with a printed annual report. Distilling a hundred pages or more into a few minutes of key facts and figures. This can intrigue a viewer to explore the printed material in more depth. It is also shared wider and easier to access than a printed report. We take complex ideas and relate them in ways that are enjoyable to watch and easy to remember. Helping organisations to energise and enthuse their staff. Creating fun and memorable team building experiences that deliver results.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel and take a look at some of the stories we’ve helped tell over the years. Alternatively, get in touch at or ring on 01685 876700 for a chat or to arrange a coffee sometime.

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