A day in the life of the Tantrwm Office

For a relatively small office, there's always a lot of exciting and awesome things happening at the Tantrwm Office.

Often, days the office can be brimming with the latest tech, tripods, cameras. You name it, it’s probably out and ready to use for a live streaming session or video production.

Some days are bustling with people coming in and out of the office for project briefing meetings and friendly chats. Typically, these are the days that the tea bags start disappearing, the coffee pot is constantly on the go and the biscuit packets get emptier and emptier.

Other days, the crew are out providing creative video solutions around the country and this is when the office can seem eerily quiet, with just the tap of the keyboard, the phone ringing and a bit of spotify going on in the background!

What we’re getting at is that a day at Tantrwm is always different, and that’s what we love. It keeps everyone on their toes thinking creatively and productively. In the wise words of Chainey, it’s important to keep things exciting.

Get in touch with us for a chat about how we can inject a little bit of Tantrwm into your organisation!

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