The Power of Animation

The Power of Animation

Animation is a powerful tool to communicate with any audience. From training resources to corporate communications, promotional campaigns to funding applications, animated videos can help you to deliver your message clearly, quickly and cost-effectively. With animation, anything is possible, the only limits are imagination. Do you need to raise funding to build a world-class facility? Animation can bring your blueprints to life. Do you need to communicate with a team of thousands of staff? An animated video can deliver your message engagingly and memorably. Animation is flexible, reliable and popular with viewers.

Heres why :-

Cost effective

It’s surprising how cost effective animation can be.  You don’t have to build sets or wait for good weather. There are no extra costs for actors or need for reshoots. You get what you need every time. Also, once the assets have been created they can be used for all sorts of  things.

  • Incorporate them into your marketing materials and strengthen your brand identity.
  • Re-use them to create further animations at a fraction of the cost.
  • They can even be used to create video games.

We work on projects that vary in size and make budgets stretch as far as possible. We can even arrange payment agreements or retainers.

Animated visuals help learners retain information

Research suggests that 90% of the information processed by our brains is visual. Video engages your audience more powerfully than any other medium. Animation is also proven to be better at communicating a message than any other video content. Animated visuals help learners retain information. Perfect for building online training resources that improve skills and deliver results.

In short, animation is the perfect tool to help people learn.

Visualise complex ideas and processes

Animation can simplify complex ideas. Being able to visualise something new is the first step in making it a reality. Where once we relied on sketches and blueprints, now we can create detailed computer models. We can also walk around structures using virtual reality and conduct fly throughs. The possibilities are endless. Animation allows explanations of processes in an understandable and easy to digest way.

Boost conversions and drive engagement

Animation has been proven to boost conversions and drive engagement with your audience. Creating a very clear visual representation of your brand makes it easier to build brand awareness. Putting animations onto your web pages also helps boost your rankings with search engines. Your site will be recommended above a competitors if you use animation or video.

Animation is fun

Let’s not forget that animation is fun. Most of us will remember the joy of watching cartoons and educational animations. These feelings still exist and are still evoked today when we watch an animation. Whether it’s the style, the colors or the story. It’s far easier to create an emotional connection with your audience using animation. With animation, anything is possible, the only limits are imagination. Let us answer any queries you have and get in touch on 01685 876 700

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