Welsh Business Show

Fair play, the people behind the Welsh Business Show really know how to put on a great event.

Tantrwm constructed our live TV Studio at Cardiff City Stadium and broadcast live interviews with businesses attending the show throughout the day. And what an inspiring day it was. It’s always great to see the small businesses that work here in Wales.

We brought along Justyn Jones, an ex-ITN journalist to guide the interviewees through their spot in front of camera and got through twenty interviews throughout the day. And his calm unflappable manner was a great to see in action. 

As well as all that we produced a video that gave a taste of the event with vox-pops from the organisers and exhibitors which was up online by the end of the day to help them publicise their next event.

The day was a great example of how a live TV studio can bring some pizazz and excitement to a live event. There was no doubt that the exhibitors were thrilled to get the chance to have a free video about their business.

If you have a live event coming up and are interested in how Tantrwm can help you reach a global audience and add to the excitement at the venue then get in touch, we’d love to help you.

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