The Welsh Body Building Federation LIVE!

It’s time for a POSE-DOWN!

We’ve been working with the fine chaps and chappettes at Empower Body Building for the past few years and we were delighted to be able to join them on their new exciting venture – creating a Welsh Bodybuilding Federation Championships.

Tantrwm filmed and live streamed the inaugural contest from the Princess Royal Theatre in Port Talbot. And what an amazing event to be part of that was!!

A host of bodybuilders competed across nine categories showing off their torsos through choreographed pose routines and frenetic ‘pose-downs’. While we were all complete newcomers to the scene, it was hard not to be carried away by the sheer enthusiasm and energy of the crowd and competitors.

With the broadcast we had a rig of seven cameras capturing every inch of muscle and sinew. Our fun robotic cameras got a run out, niftily hung upside down from the front lighting rig. Added to that were a brace of Blackmagic Studio Cameras, and a few Canon XF105’s. The whole eight hours show was streamed live in HD to a worldwide audience.

The highlight on the night was an impromptu performance from Dave Titterton

the current Mr Universe Champ. Is safe to say that he is an absolute mountain of a man, physically, yet one of the most mild mannered and gentle people you could meet. Dave spent a great deal of the evening having his photo taken with adoring fans.

It was a real blast filming such a high energy show, and a great insight into a fascinating subculture.

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