A week long of learning (Live!)

One of the most interesting learning jobs we’ve worked on this year is...

…without a doubt, the week long Lecture Capturing gig at the Bell School of English, in Cambridge. Our client on this job, the globally renowned teaching institution Laureate International, asked us to capture a series of classroom-based classes aimed at learners of English at various levels of proficiency, focusing particularly at the interaction between teacher and learner.

The videos created would contain many specific teaching techniques, which could in turn be analysed and highlighted  to use the video material in further teacher training scenarios, or as example of best practice. This series of classes was shot and edited ‘live’, capturing the interactions between teachers and their pupils as they happened, without any pre-production or staging of any kind, thus conveying a true feeling of ‘real life event’.

While we initially thought that shooting video content for a training resource totally unscripted would be an ambitious, slightly risky affair, the educators involved in delivering the classes were certainly at the top of their game, rolling out compelling and clear content with which the students present engaged without any hesitation, making our job easy and the product successful in what it set out to achieve.

Further to the filming, we arranged the video content into our hosted online training platform, where after watching the films, teachers are asked relevant questions which they will need to answer correctly in order to move on to the next topic. This is where the concepts learned during the videos are tested and consolidated.

Also, while at Cambridge, we stayed at a small Bed and Breakfast ran by an elderly gentleman named Tony, who shared some amazing stories and pearls of wisdom with us, such as the fact that he was the inventor of the first wing mirror, but didn’t manage to monetise his invention, or that his house was the only one in the whole of the UK built with fire bricks bearing the ‘Royal Wedding’ stamp, to celebrate Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981!

We even held one of those famous bricks in our hands 🙂

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