AV Equipment available for Hire

Award-winning Tantrwm has over 15 years' experience...

…creating cinematic films, corporate videos, music videos, training resources and more in the AV industry.

This means we have a lot of great, useful and high tech AV kit that we’re giving you the opportunity to use!

From green screens to light stands, cameras to radio microphones, Tantrwm has a varied selection of AV equipment that can be used for a wide range of productions.

This equipment is tried and tested by Tantrwm and is used by professionals in the audio and visual industry across the world.

However, we do not hire out our gear unless we really know you, or you hire one of our crew with the gear.  For example: You might want to hire a live stream set up that includes multiple SSD hyperdeck recorders, an 8 camera channel switcher (SDI), along with audio mixer, monitors, cables, remote cameras and all the little bits that really make it work. To put this all together without needs in depth knowledge of the component parts – plus we probably have the right set up ready built and in a case to go with a technician and a fraction of the hire cost of the individual parts.

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