Green Screen, Black Screen, White Screen

Tantrwm now sell green screen, film & photography equipment.

After more than 15 years making films for all and sundry, giving advice and helping countless organisations across the UK. Tantrwm are proud to announce that we are now selling a select few film and photography items.

These bits of kit are tried and tested by us. We use them day in and day out and know what buttons to press. What is good and what is not so good. If we think that a certain knob should be elsewhere, or an extra set of batteries will make the difference then we will tell you. We are focused on supplying you with gear that will last years and do the job for you time and time again.

What makes us different? Well first and foremost we are still a video and web company. Still creatively making those films. The kit is a something we have been asked to supply. So why not? We are not “Box Shifters”. We believe in the equipment and want you to understand how to best deploy and use it. You can come to Tantrwm in the Heart of the Valleys for training or we can come to you.

To celebrate this new added direction we have some awesome offers coming your way. BUY HERE!

Right now we can offer you a FREE Lastolite Green screen, Black or White Backdrop / Screen when you purchase one Lastolite Panoramic Bacdrop Kit (£409 inc VAT) from us. Saving you over £150 in total off the RRP. This will only last until October.

We will have other deals soon. So share and like us on FB and sign up to our news letter for latest offers.

Coming soon will be offers from: Manfrotto, Vinten, Datavision, Panasonic, Canon, Blackmagic and one or two select others.

Watch out for our mobile streaming studio solutions.

Call 01685 876700 and ask for Andrew to chat about any requirements.

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