Improving and developing staff for the largest companies in the world with business videos.

Business Videos

Staff learning and development is crucial to a company, no matter how big it is.  It pays off to educate employees in how they can become better at their job.  A more skilled workforce means a more successful company.

Tantrwm have partnered with world-leading educational institutions and performance coaches to deliver L&D programmes to some of the most recognisable companies in retail, telecoms and banking.  Using our expertise in video, we add another dimension to the training that brings massive benefits.

Negotiation Skills

Tantrwm works closely with Breakthrough Change to deliver a training course for the largest DIY retail chain in the UK.  We use video to teach the procurement department how to get the best deal when sourcing stock.

After they spend time with experts learning the theory behind driving a good bargain, the trainees role-play various scenarios negotiating large contracts with actors.  The actors are briefed to deliberately test the trainees skills to the max.  The is incredibly valuable for the trainees, who are able to try out different styles of negotiating in the safety of a workshop.

Tantrwm record the mock meeting with multiple HD cameras in split screen.  The experts analyse the video in detail, seeing what techniques worked and where there is room for improvement.

“I love working with Tantrwm.  I know they are comfortable with the technology. I can leave them get on with it in total confidence that they will deliver without any hassle.”
John Walsh
Breakthrough Change

Dragons Den

Imperial College Business School use Tantrwm to offer video support for a programme ran for one of the worlds largest telecoms firms. The training follows the format of BBC’s Dragon Den where groups of trainees pitch ideas to a panel of industry experts who ask searching questions, putting the trainees through their paces. The presentations are recorded by multiple cameras and live vision mixed.  Each video is uploaded to the web within minutes, allowing trainees to analyse their performance and share with colleagues.

“This exercise was very useful.  I’ve watched the video many times since.” – Trainee

Team building

Film making can be creative, but most people take for granted that the best films are the result of a well organised team working together.  This works particularly well forging better inter-departmental relations.

Tantrwm provides the equipment. Whacky costumes and the technical know how for a training exercise that we’ve ran for Germany’s largest bank and local housing associations.  Groups of trainees combine forces to create an original short film from writing the script to shooting and acting in their masterpieces.  The footage is handed over to Tantrwm to edit the films within hours for a screening come mini-Oscars awards ceremony.

“I had a blast making my video.  But at first I was dubious because being in front of the camera isn’t natural to me. But after 15 minutes we were all having a go.  And the film we made is hilarious!”
Housing Association

Media Training

Local authorities are make important decisions every day.  When something goes wrong those responsible are thrust into the media limelight.  Tantrwm helped a a local authority prepare for such eventualities.

We partnered with an ex-ITN reporter to deliver media training to executives, educating them in how to deal with tough questions under pressure.  Mock interviews are conducted to camera, with these videos being played back and analysed.

“I learned a lot from this training.  Knowing the techniques necessary to come across well on camera gives me much more confidence.”
Head of Department
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