BSC Madness

Get customised with BSC Madness!

So as the summer descends upon us, Tantrwm have been lucky enough to partner up with an insane custom car garage down in sunny Devon. We are working with Backstreet Customs on their website and a series of videos for their social media that give the world a glimpse of the work that goes into customising cars. These guys are immense and do incredible custom body work and custom paint jobs. What’s more, they are a damn good laugh and Devon has plenty of proper cider for after the shoot. Have a look at the promo video we cut out of the footage for a sneak peak!

Fairplay to Matty Johns at Backstreet… he has very quickly established a reputation for being one of the best spray painters in the UK and this can be seen in the garage’s open and transparent policy of emailing customers work in progress shots at each stage of a job to show that no corners have been cut (or their ‘no bullshit policy’ as they call it).

These films help the garage get more business and more exposure… who knows, they might get Matty the job of taking over Top Gear.

If you want to see how our websites and social media videos can help your business, get in touch!

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