Four Reasons Why You Should Live Stream

Four reasons why!

As the worldwide number of internet users continues to rise at breakneck speed and global network infrastructures constantly develop and improve, getting faster and reaching wider, more people than ever now have the ability to seamlessly access video content online.

In the past it would have been technically difficult and not financially viable to send out big bundles of video data to a nascent, feeble Internet, however, today it is possible to broadcast HD video content live online without having to worry about ‘breaking the Internet’ or the bank!

So what are the advantages of Live Streaming an event?

As soon as your stream goes live the size of your audience goes through the roof. From our experience, a well advertised live stream from an event with an on-site audience of 2000 people can easily reach the 100k mark in online viewership. That’s 50 times the amount of people. Pretty big, huh?

You can maximise your earnings by selling advertising spots during the streaming, or use the online event as a platform to promote your existing sponsors (who will love it!). Their video promos will cut into the event’s breaks just as they would on a proper TV broadcast, and their ad banners can be placed on the web page hosting the player. You could even consider charging a fee to the online viewers to access the stream, making the stream a Pay Per View event (think Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather).

You can use an e-mail only login page, so that every viewer has to provide a valid email address in order to access the live content, building you a huge stack of addresses for your mailing list.
And even if you decide to just ‘give it away free’, all the traffic you generate will still have to go through your website, increasing traffic and exposure to your company. Adding a facebook share, a link to a page or twitter handle could even push you into ‘Viral’ territory!

ANALYTICS (and more clicks):
After the event is over you will have further chances to leverage from it, as Live Streaming will offer you extremely comprehensive analytical data giving you exact numbers and locations of the viewership. This can help you shape a more effective segmentation for marketing campaigns and, as the content of the event can be made available as Video On Demand (VOD) right after it has taken place, you will have another chance to reach out to your favourite audience.

Give Tantrwm a call, we can advise you on the right Live Streaming solutions for any event.

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