Dealing with data

Dealing with data.

When you start ‘shooting‘ video regularly you will soon discover that it takes up a lot of hard drive space on your computer. The way you manage data storage can either make your life easier or can cause untold headaches. Here are our tips for managing data.

Organise your files: This is the key to everything. Have a solid folder structure and keep all the files for a project together. If you end up with files on different hard drives then you are asking for trouble!

Back-up: Don’t only have one copy of your files. Hard drives fail. SD cards get lost. Losing files is a miserable experience, don’t risk it.

Shoot using the appropriate quality: If your video is destined for Facebook or YouTube, you might not need to record your video at full quality. It’ll be compressed when you upload it anyway. And lowering the quality at the recording stage mean less data to handle.

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